Worcester recycling campaign targets student housing

A council campaign in Worcester designed to teach residents of the city about the beneficial effects of recycling has targeted the city’s student housing as part of the latest stage. Already 21 of the college-owned halls of residence, accommodating over 1,000 of Worcester’s students, have had visits by teams from the council’s environmental department. Now the campaign will see these teams visiting 329 of the private student properties in the city to spread the word.

Already the councillor in charge of green issues, Roger Knight, has visited one such property, in McIntyre Road. One of the student residents of the flat, James Rawlings, said:

“I think it is very important for students to join in the campaign as the student population is very large so we have a huge impact on the environment. We should all do as much as we can and make other people aware of how easy it is to recycle.”

The scale of the student population in Worcester is one of the major reasons for the decision by the local council to focus so much of the campaign on them. Students can potentially contribute over 45 tonnes of recycled material per year, which would represent a significant portion of the council’s waste recycling target of 38 percent. A spokeswoman for the council stated that they had already witnessed a significant rise in recycling within student halls, which it is hoped will now transfer to those in private accommodation. A Facebook competition offering Amazon vouchers to the winner has been set up to further attract students.

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