Students in danger due to lack of awareness of gas boiler safety

A recent, National Grid commissioned, report has indicated that UK students living in rented accommodation could be putting themselves seriously at risk due to a lack of awareness of safety issues related to domestic gas systems. The results of the report showed that of the students who took part in the study, only 5% claimed that the safety of the gas boiler would be a significant factor to them when it came to choosing a flat to rent.

Furthermore, the study also showed that 54% were living in accommodation where the gas boiler lacked safety certification, despite the fact that it is a breach of regulations for landlords to rent properties without this. These results have been greeted with concern by the National Grid, which has stated that it believes students are unaware of the very real dangers to their health and safety, which a faulty gas boiler can lead to.

Sarah Harris, the National Grid’s Senior Communications Officer stated:

“They are concerned about having a big bedroom, a double bed and being close to the pub, but what they are not concerned about is their own safety.”

The lack of awareness and concern amongst students about the potentially fatal consequences of faulty gas boilers – including possible carbon monoxide poisoning – is what is allowing unscrupulous student property landlords to get away with health and safety negligence. The report has indicated a need for students to be made more aware of the threat to their health this issue poses.

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