New student housing complex in Sheffield approved

A new housing development located on the outer fringe of the city centre in Sheffield has been approved by the local council and could open within two years. The development, to be situated at the junction between Sylvester Street and Sidney Lane is set to cost £20 million and will comprise 95 flats in addition to 21 townhouses. This is the second time plans for the development had been submitted, with the previous application having been rejected by the council.

The refusal was based on the scale of the student housing, as the council stated that the proposed 445 student flats would have a negative impact on the area, which is next to the cultural industries part of the city. However, the companies behind the development, architecture firm Cartwright Pickard and property developers Elmsdale Estates, were able to secure planning permission by reducing the planned number of student accommodations to 162 and increasing the private housing.

The revised plans for the project were approved by councillors on the 26th September and the two companies have indicated that they anticipate a two-year timeline for the completion of the project, set to comprise five six-storey buildings in total. This schedule would see the development ready to open in time for the start of the 2013 academic year. One of Cartwright Pickard’s directors, Peter Cartwright stated:

“The mix of accommodation is diverse and should appeal to both students and residents who want a great experience in accommodation that challenges the perception of traditional ways of city centre living.”

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