Liverpool student lettings agents struggling to cope with demand

According to a leading lettings agent in the city, Liverpool is set to experience its highest level of student arrivals in the city’s history – stretching the available accommodation resources to the limit. Alan Bevan, the managing director of City Residential states that approximately 20,000 students will have arrived in Liverpool by the end of September, breaking all records for the city.

According to Bevan, suggestions that there is a surplus of student housing in the centre of Liverpool are erroneous. He added that City Residential, the lettings agents with the biggest portfolio of properties, has already let almost all of its vacant flats, leading desperate students to attempt to secure properties sight unseen.

“We always anticipate a busy period during August, September and October but this year has been absolutely manic,” said Bevan, adding:

“At one point last week we had 28 tenants in the office and seven more outside waiting to get in!”

The belief is that this year’s intake may represent a high water mark, with the tuition fee increases starting from next year likely to reduce the numbers applying for further education. The massive numbers seeking accommodation this year is proving a boon for buy-to-let property owners, many of whom have raised rent levels on their properties by up to 10% since last June. However one piece of good news for students is that new accommodation is becoming available all the time, as people invest in properties to let, to take advantage of the increased demand.

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