Developers seeking planning permission for London student accommodation

Developers aiming to build a 32-storey skyscraper, part of which would utilised as student accommodation, have submitted the development for planning permission. The block, which would be located in the Vauxhall area of South London, would be built by the housing developers Downing and would incorporate flats for 572 students, in addition to other facilities such as a swimming pool and gym for use by the local community.

The submission of the plans to the local council follows a period of consultation conducted by Downing with area residents, in which the company sought community feedback before completing the final revisions of the development plans. Amongst the changes made to the plans following the discussions with residents is the increase in the size of the swimming pool from 20 metres to 25. The desire to liaise with local residents indicates how keen the company is to succeed with what would be its first housing development in the capital, a desire that has also seen Downing collaborate with the Borough Council of Lambeth, the Greater London Authority and the Commission for Architecture, in order to facilitate planning permission.

A spokesperson for Downing stated that the company hopes that the decision to place the swimming pool at street level in the block, where it will be visible via the South Lambeth Road, will lead to “an animated street scene.” The intention behind this is to support businesses based in the area by bringing more people in, while also helping to solve the chronic nationwide shortage in student housing.

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